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Simple Tips of Cleaning Window & Grilles

Simple Tips of Cleaning Window & Grilles

Simple Tips of Cleaning Window & Grilles

Windows and window grilles are probably the trickiest area in your home to clean. They are constantly exposed to harsh environments such as sunlight, rain and dust. Keeping them clean is a very important step to maintain your home.

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Here are 6 simple tips that you can try when cleaning your windows & grilles:

  1. Protect Your Hand
    This is the most important part that a lot of people forget. Strong detergent is harmful and may cause severe reactions to your hands if not protected. Use gloves to minimize the damage and to ensure that your hands are protected at all times.cover your hand
  2. Cleaning the Dirt
    Choose a good material for the cloth, like cotton or socks. There are 2 ways of cleaning the windows and grilles. Firstly, dip the cloth in water & vinegar solution and then wipe the grilles from one corner to the other. Secondly, use the combination of a brush & a clean cloth. Brush the dust around the grilles and then wipe it out with a clean cloth. If you find it difficult, you may try using a strong detergent for better results.


  3. Use a Soft Brush
    A premium quality brush with soft bristles is a good tool to dust off the dirt that is attached on your window grilles. Dip it in water before using it as it will make your cleaning process much easier. Using a soft brush enables you to reach the narrow space on the window grilles and you can also remove any sticky residue on the grilles that are harder to reach. After you are done brushing, you just need to wipe it with clean cloth and water.


  4. Avoid Harsh Chemicals
    Most homeowners often use chemicals to speed up the cleaning process. Unfortunately, the accumulation of chemicals can cause your window grilles to rust. It can also cause health hazards to the cleaner such as watery eyes, respiratory irritation and chemical burns. In the long run, it may also have a more serious effect such as cancer. Do not use abrasives & adhesives! Although these chemicals are known to be effective, they can, however, create scratches on the grilles and cause more damage in the long term. It is better to use a clean cloth with a gentler detergent.
    avoid harsh
  5. Perfect Combo: Water & Vinegar
    This is the best combination of solution to clean the window grilles. All the dust, grime, and sticky residue can be easily wiped off while still maintaining the original appearance of your grilles. It will make your grilles become shiny and spotless.

    White vinegar

  6. Use Hot Water
    Use hot water and combine well with detergent to clean out the dust along the grilles. It will be easier to take off the sticky materials, such as oil and dirt. Hot water is also helpful to clean your entire kitchen and you do not need any special chemical or brush to clean your window grilles. Just ensure that your hand is safe from the hot water.

    Hot Water

    Most people only clean the common areas of the house like the floor, but it is also important to take attention in cleaning the windows and grilles. It will help to maintain the quality of the windows and enables perfect sight of the environment into your home. Cleaning them religiously will make the house be free from any virus, bacteria or infections caused by the dirt.

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