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Habits That Ruin Sofa

Habits that Ruin Sofa

Habits that Ruin Sofa

Sofa/couch is one of the must-have items for homeowners because of the function and comfort that it gives. It will be a favorite place for every family member to sit, lounge around or even sleep on. However, improper use of the sofa will make it vulnerable to damage. Without you realizing, a lot of our habits can shorten the couch life, some of them as shown below:

  1. Always Sitting on The Same Sidesameside
    This point is an unconscious habit for homeowners, but do you know that by always sitting on the same ‘one-side’ sofa can damage it? Continuing pressure or load at one point will make fibers and sofa-spring easily damaged and loosen. Therefore, balance it by sitting on the other sides of the sofa alternately.
  1. Sleeping on Sofa Repeatedly
    Basically, the couch is not designed to be slept on. Besides being unhealthy for the body, the habit of sleeping on the couch too often in the long term can ruin it. If you can’t change this habit, you can try swapping your sofa with a daybed sofa which is a multi-functional sofa that doubles as a bed.
  1. Sitting on Sofa-ArmSitOnSofaArm
    Sofa seat is designed to withstand the load of the body, but the sofa-arm is not. Depending on the sofa model and your habit of sitting on the sofa arm, it will make it possible to loosen the connection with the sofa-body or even create a buffer timber broken.
  1. Lazy CleaningLazyClean
    Sometimes, a sofa that looks clean may not seem like it. Unconsciously, small dirt that tends to be missed such as dust, strands of hair, animal hair and food crumbs tucked in between the sofa seat can accumulate and become malodorous, causes discomfort in the skin, and invite insects. Clean the sofa regularly with a cloth, brush, duster or vacuum cleaner.
  1. Reluctant to Wipe Staineat
    Watching TV is much more complete when accompanied by snacks, therefore food and drink stains on the sofa are definitely unavoidable. Stains are more inevitable especially if you have young children in your home who tend to accidentally draw, paint or stick something on the sofa. Although your couch color is dark, immediately clean the stains because stains will absorb in the sofa fabric and can permanently imprint.
  1. Direct Exposure to Sunlightdirect sunlight
    To eliminate the stale smell on the sofa, drying in the sun at least once a week for an hour is crucial and highly recommended. However, continuous exposure to sunlight can fade the color of the sofa. Avoid placing the sofa in a location that continues from sun exposure and reposition the sofa regularly to maintain its appearance.
  2. Non-Trained PetsPetScratch
    Scratching and biting is a natural behavior for pets such as cats and dogs. Untrained pets that are allowed to run freely in the home will easily claw or bite the sofa, which will make the fabric  torn. Train your pets from scratching and biting furniture with rubber toys, balls and artificial bones. Do not forget to make them feel safe & happy, and not stressed out because of your instructions.


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