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How To Create Modern Home

How To Create Modern Home

How To Create Modern Home

Creating a modern touch in residences is not difficult, especially when you already own the necessary elements. A modern look in the room is not just to make it look attractive but it is also useful to build a different atmosphere, create a mood or to make a new environment more comfortable. You can implement the following tips and tricks:

  1. Mix & Match1aGenerally, an impression of a modern look is a neutral color scheme of white, gray, and black. But for those who are more daring to try different colors, the room in the picture above is a reference that is worth a try. Mix and match bright colors such as white, beige, and catchy red posters on the wall, furniture, to accessories such as pillows and rugs. Then place a neutral colored minimalist sofa enhanced by a touch of black on the furniture and the natural look of wood. These colors are guaranteed to make the room look more alive.
  2. Tower Size Shelving 

    The high and slender shape of shelves, besides storing your items, are also capable of pouring a modern atmosphere in the room. Tower-size shelf helps give the illusion that the ceiling is higher. Pair them with plants or use a variety of unique accent lighting as a reinforcement modern feel.

  3. Glass Furniture 

    3Besides decorations made of metal, a translucent material is also a key to get a modern look in your home. Glass on a table or shelf can bring a modern feel while providing spacious and light effects in the room. Furniture made of glass is easy to clean and more flexible to integrate with a variety of colors so you can be creative.

  4. Metal Elements 

    Room decor made of metal have reflecting surfaces of other objects so as to produce a futuristic impression. The light reflections can make the room appear brighter. Mix & match the metal element decorations with other items around it.

  5. Geometric Pattern 

    retroMix and match a variety of geometric patterns, for example in cloths that decorate the table or credenza. In the picture above, the room blends light-colored geometric patterns on rugs and pillows. Enhanced by a large painting along with minimalist furniture such as desks and sofa Scandinavian style, your home will have a cheerful, fresh, and modern look.


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